The School Parents' Association

We are a private association based on the Vereinsgesetz (law regulating associations). All activities and actions are based on the principles of voluntariness and non-remuneration, operating under private law without being subject to any directives and aim for valuable supplementation and support of all platforms of the school.

Members and functionaries:

1. members of the School Parents' Association (parents or legal guardians)

2. class representatives and vice representatives (Klassenelternvertreter und deren Stellvertreter)

3. members of the executive board (Elternvereinsvorsitzende)


1. general meeting (Hauptversammlung)

2. parents' board (Elternausschuss)

3. executive board (Vorstand)

Logo of our school:


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The School Parents' Association wishes its members, the school management, all teachers and pupils successful and positive collaboration and a pleasant school year!